Bio Cleaner Fragranced Multipurpose Cleaner 5ltr

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BioCleaner is the next generation of Biological cleaners
It is readily biodegradable so ideal for replacing harsh acidic and alkaline cleaners.
Contains a safe blend of Bio-Agent, Enzymes and modern Surfactants to remove odour, fat build up, dirt and urinal crystals over time
Bio Cleaner has the added benefit os replacing harmful chemicals which kill beneficial bacteria. Bio Cleaner keeps pipes free of organic build up and by using the product will add to the septic system. Excellent where fat, grease, oil, dirt and odour are present and venues who use on-site septic systems. Great for septic tanks.

Bio Cleaner is non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe for the environment at recomended dose rates

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Laura 14-06-2021


    I absolutely LOVE using BioCleaner for all cleaning tasks.
    Carpet Spotting
    And so much more!