How 44 families easily raised $4,200.00

In short, they applied the tried and tested formula of approaching friends and family, knocking on doors and having stands outside the local shop or market.

Fundraising for sports clubs, carity organisations and schools had traditionally been done withchocolates, sausage sizzles and the like. With those products they could make up to $2.00 per item, sometimes only $0.50

When they discovered an everyday item that they could make $10.00 per item, they were really interested... and it worked

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Testimonial from Kelly who organised Kerikeri High School AIMS Football Team:

"We needed a fundraiser that was out of the box, we wanted to raise money easily, and gain maximum profit for minimal work. Hygiene Direct Northland and their toiletpaper fundraiser ticked all the right boxes. We very quickly sold a large amount, as "who doesn't need toilet paper". Once we put our order through, we had the product in just a few days. This way of fundraising is very easy, and well thought out by Hygiene Direct, who support you through the process. I would recommend this to anyone group wanting maximum profit for minimal output. It was a great way to supplement our other fundraising efforts. Thankyou Northland, Kerikeri High School AIMS Football Team".