Hygiene Direct Company Ethos:

Every person who comes in contact with Hygiene Direct is important:

All Customers;

All Suppliers;

All team members;

We all work together or we don't work at all


Social Responsibility:

With the aim of doing our part to keep kids active, time off devices and "off the streets" we developed a fundraising program that is available to all Schools and sports organisations to help fund whatever is needed to keep kids actively involved in the community they live in.
Also, there are those among us who, for whatever reason, are significantly worse off than the rest, Hygiene Direct makes a consious effort to support the local City Missions in the areas we operate whether by actual cash donations or gifted product

Environmental Responsibility:

We have a three layer environmental policy. Part one relates to our suppliers and part two is our own Re-cycle Re-use Program and part three is our Plastic Packaging Free commitment:
Hygiene Direct Supplier Environmental Policy:
With all our imported products we strive to source suppliers who have an accredited environmental certification, please refer to our Product Assurance Statement for more detail.
In addition as much as possible and as fast as possible we are trying to move completely away from plastic packaging to carboard and paper packaging. What is the use of having all the environmental certifications in the world if you still use plastic packaging?
Re-Cycle Re-Use Program:
Having some sort of Eco certification is great however we also need to "do our part" on a local level over and above any sort of industry or governmental regulations .. we should do more than just the bear minimum.
To that end Hygiene Direct have implemented our own internal policy named: Re-Cycle Re-Use. This policy aims to take responsibility for our pallets and packaging. This means where possible, we will pick up any pallets we have delivered our product on AND pick up any Hygienedirect.nz cardboard boxes that you use. All we ask is that you flatten down the boxes, put them and our Hygienedirect.nz used pallets aside for collection and let us know they are available for pick up which will follow in two or three days.
Plastic Packaging Free:
In keeping with the ethos of going above and beyond what is legally required, we are committed to supplying a range of products that have zero plastic in their packaging, not even the tape the box is sealed with. This is our Plastic Packaging Free Range and includes everyday products such as standard toilet paper rolls and paper towels that you commonly use.