Airstel Room Disinfectant Fogger 50ml DG UN1950 C:2.1

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Airstel from Hygiene Direct is an airborne disinfection of aiir and surfaces in a rapid and effective manner. it is a nonflammable product allowing its use in areas where other products cannot be applied and also eliminates unpleasant ofours

-Automatic discharge, just like a flea bomb
-Bactericidal, Virucidal. fungicidal and mycobactericidal

Effective against: Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, Mycobacteria

Active Constituent:
Didecyl dimethul ammonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, phenylcroleine, isopropyl alcohol, non flammable propellant qsf

Direction for Use:
1. Place the bottle on a smooth surface and unseal it
2. Press and turn the total-discharge valve allowing the product to disperse into the room space

Airstel 50ml fogger forms a cloud that covers a volume of 40m3 in approximately 1 minute

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