PureWash Alto5 StartUp Cleaning Package – single operator

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Features: PureWash StartUp Cleaning Packages are perfect for the startup commercial window cleaner, commercial cleaner or home cleaner! Used for window cleaning up to 2 stories, house washing and rinsing vehicles, boats, motorhomes and caravans for a Spot Free Finish. 

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PureWash StartUp Cleaning Packages

Features: PureWash StartUp Cleaning Packages are perfect for commercial and residential window cleaning up to 2 stories, house washing and rinsing vehicles, boats, motorhomes and caravans at home for a Spot Free Finish. The Alto5 system produces up to 3,000* litres of ‘Pure Water’. *Figure dependent on local water quality (TDS) and flow rate.

Your Package includes:

1 x Maxxis ‘Round Series’ Pole – choose your size

1 x Maxxis Pole Hose Kit & Brush
– 20 metres of PureWash 8x5mm PU Pole Hose
– Adjustable Angle Adapter/Gooseneck (connects pole to brush)
– Maxxis Pencil Jet Waterfed Brush

1 x PureWash 5 litre Pure Water Cleaning System
– complete with PureWash Ion Exchange Resin (Resin removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium responsible for leaving water spots)
Complete with Prefilter (Prefilter removes sediment, sand, dirt and particulates – A prefilter makes your resin last approximately 10-15% longer = MORE PURE WATER TO CLEAN WITH!)
– Hand Held TDS Meter (for measuring Total Dissolved Solids and when to change resin)
– Blue Coiled Garden Hose Leader (connects PureWash System to your garden tap)

What is ‘Pure Water’ Window Cleaning?

Pure Water or DI (deionized) Water has had almost all of its mineral ions removed, such as sodium and calcium. Deionization is a chemical process that uses specially manufactured ion-exchange resins which exchange hydrogen and hydroxide ions for dissolved minerals, then recombine to form water. Generally, most non-particulate water impurities are dissolved salts, deionization produces high purity water that is similar to distilled water.

Our Pure Water systems use either a 1 or 5-micron CTO (sediment-carbon) or PP Spun (sediment-only) prefilter to remove 98% of organic solids before passing through a mixed bed deionizing (DI) resin to remove the mineral ions (ie calcium and magnesium). A mixed bed resin produces some of the purest water that can be made. CTO filters remove chlorine, taste and odour in addition to organic solids where as sediment-only just remove organic solids only. If your water isn’t chlorinated, we recommend the sediment-only filters.

What does this mean for Window Cleaning?

Spot and residue-free sparkling clean windows! No more squeegeeing required! No more detergent* (*detergent isn’t required on regularly cleaned windows – detergent maybe required on industrial or first-time builders cleans)

Why choose ‘Pure Water’ Window Cleaning?

1. Work from the ground, reach higher and save $100s on scissor lifts

2. Clean better and quicker

3. Improve accessibility

4. Work higher without a ladder – SAFER

5. SAVE TIME and improve productivity by up to 40%!


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Choose your Pole

Maxxis Fibre-Glass 20' (6m), Maxxis Carbon-Fibre Glass 18' (6m), Maxxis 100% Carbon Fibre Pole 25' (7m), Maxxis Fibre-Glass 8' (2.4m), Maxxis Carbon-Fibre Glass 10' (3m)

Choose your Pure Water System

PureWash ALTO 5 litre DI System