Akord Maxi Nappy Bin 41L

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Size: 41 litre
Description: Akord Maxi Nappy Bin 41L is Convenient, Safe and an Odour-Free Large Capacity Nappy Disposal System designed for busy Early Childhood Centres.
Ideal for busy early childhood centres with multiple babies
Holds up to 120 newborn nappies before requires emptying
Each refill contains enough liner material to dispose of up to 3,600 newborn nappies
Extremely economical refills
Constructed of durable, hygienic, odour-resistant ABS plastic
Measures 365 x 314 x 580 mm
Akord’s liners are 100% biodegradable in landfills and made with 20% recycled materials.

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Akord Maxi Nappy Bin 41L

41 Litre Capacity

The hands-free Akord Maxi Nappy Bin 41L makes disposing of adult-sized briefs, pads and other incontinence items, as well as baby’s nappies both simple and hygienic. Simply step on the pedal to open the lid, and then drop the items through the unit’s extra-large opening.

• Odour-Free
— Double seal keeps your room smelling fresh
• Sanitary
— Hands-free disposal, with absolutely no exposure to the contents when emptying the pail.
• Elegant Design
— Fits any decor
• Economical
— Continuous liner system eliminates waste, even if you choose to empty the unit before it is full.
• Eco-Friendly
— Zero-Waste Liner system plus liners are made with 20% recycled material

Sturdy and stretch-resistant,

Akord’s bag liners are designed to securely hold your
garbage without breaking, tearing or falling apart.

But Made to Biodegrade

In addition to being made with 20% recycled material,
the Akord liner material includes a proprietary resin
additive that is activated underground in landfills.
The result: your Akord bags will fully degrade in landfill or
underground in 1 to 5 years.

Waste-Free Disposal

There’s never any waste of bag material, even if garbage pick
up day arrives before the container is full or the cleaning crew
always empties the trash each day. Each liner tube makes 30
full bags (or many more smaller ones), with the liner’s total
length dependent on the size of the corresponding trash
container. So when you buy a 3-pack of liner refills, you’re
buying at least 90 bags.

Bin dimensions:

365 x 314 x 580 mm


41 Litres



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