No fixed-term contracts! Just good ol’ honest business practices!

Business is built on honesty, trust and good relationships. We don’t believe in handcuffing or scare mongering our customers into unbreakable long-term contracts. We believe in good ol’ honest business practices. If at anytime, you are unhappy with our products or services, cancel at anytime.

Weekly or Fortnightly

Ideal for businesses operating 24/7 with little to no storage space. Choose our weekly or fortnightly service plan – we will take care of your needs, establish and monitor your stock levels ensuring the correct levels are kept at all times, replenish to these established minimum quantities, deliver supplies right into your cleaning cupboard every week, on time, every time.

 Monthly & Standing Orders

Our monthly and standing order plan means you don’t need to lift a finger! More time to do more important deadline tasks. We will closely monitor your usage and establish a regular monthly cycle and standing order and adjust quantities accordingly. You will never run out of product and the best part – you will never be overstocked!

Enquiry About our Service Plans

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  • Only available within Christchurch
    Our washroom supplies and services are available to our clients on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or standing order service