Hygiene and Cleaning to a very high standard is non-negotiable when you are dealing with the healthy environment of the elderly and sick. We work closely with Aged Care Facilities, Medical Centres, Health & Beauty, Veterinary & Equine to enable them to meet and exceed their Hygiene certification requirements as set by their particular industry requirements.
Vm3 odour eliminating products work exceptionally well in this industry where often odours become a nuisance and the usual sprays and odour masking products will not eliminate the issue.
With Noro Virus just around the corner waiting to gain a foot hold in your Aged Care facility we can offer cleaning solutions and training for staff to help break the chain of infection. We also offer a full Colour Coding wiping and floor system using the industry leading Rubbermaid microfiber systems.

We offer expert advice and support for helping to improve hygiene standards for the Healthcare sector.