Early Learning Centres

Hygiene Direct supply to various preschools around New Zealand and have been successful in reducing the number of products in these environments which not only simplifies the ordering process for staff but also ensures the most cost-effective and quality products are used throughout the centre.

Childcare Centre Initial Start Up Pack

  • Pacific Classic Interleaved 2-ply Toilet Tissue 2in1 product
    This product doubles as a facial tissue. Dispensers can be installed at child height around your centre so children have access to facial tissues.
  • Sorb-X Half Wipe Hand Towel
    Children have small hands making this a perfect option for the bathroom. Reduce wastage, costs and mess!
  • Ocean Foam Hand Lotion Soap
    Our foam soap will not leak or drip! The product is dispensed through our foam soap dispenser which means less product and less waste than a liquid alternative. Product expands in the hands and children use and waste less.
  • Bastion Prostretch Clear Powder Free Gloves
    An ideal and cost-effective way for changing nappies.
  • ISO Pro 3 Cleaner, Sanitiser and Protectant
    Using Nano Technology, ISO Pro 3 is a water-based cleaner, sanitiser and protectant that redefines protection against bacteria and germs with a revolutionary formulation of active ingredients and can be safely applied to a wide range of hard and soft surfaces in multiple domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
    » Cleans and removes dirt and grime
    » Leaves the surface with a bonded antimicrobial protectant coating
    » Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • 60 litre black rubbish bags
    Our 60 litre rubbish bags are our most popular size for childcare centres.
  • Korbell® Plus Nappy Bin System [NEW]Korbell Nappy Disposal SystemConvenient, Safe and Odour-Free Nappy Disposal, Korbell® is the Best Choice for Your Preschool or Nursery
    Ideal for day care centres, homes with multiple babies in nappies, or light adult incontinence
    Economical Refill System
    Convenient Hands-Free Operation
    Keeps Room Smelling Fresh
    Environmentally Friendly
    Converts To Traditional Bin
    Completely Childproof
    Durable and Hygienic 
  • Pure Baby Unscented Baby Wipes
  • Eco Wash Laundry Powder
  • Dishwasher Powder
  • Vm3 Odour Control System

Client Testimonials

I have been impressed with your customer service, not only are you efficient but you really know your products and are always happy to assist us. Great products for a great price. I had another Centre Manager thank me this morning for putting her on to you – she is also impressed with your service.

-Cilla, Burnham Nursery & Preschool

We have been using the services of Hygiene Direct for the past two years represented by Laura and we find their services to be extremely satisfactory. Their prices are also the best in the market as well as their service. Laura is responsive and easy to communicate with; she stands behind her work and takes special care to be sure her clients are satisfied. She has always been extremely reliable, courteous, efficient and punctual. i would recommend Hygiene Direct wholeheartedly.

–Dr Maysoon Salama, Manager, An-Nur Childcare Centre

We have been using Hygiene Direct for a few months now and we have found their service to be excellent. They have looked into the best options for our centre and ensured we have products that suit our centre and that they are economic options. They have looked into other options for products that we have moved to them for supply. They offer a very fast and friendly service. We are proud to be supporting another local business.

–Belinda, Lincoln University Early Childhood Centre