MAXXIS Carbon Fibre Telescopic Poles – Durable, Rigid, Light and Fully Telescopic

MAXXIS Carbon Fibre Telescopic Poles are one of the Lightest, Rigid, Carbon Fibre Poles available on the market. Designed for all industries requiring a light, rigid, telescopic pole.
Applications: Window Cleaning, High Reach Applications including Building Washing, Motorhome Cleaning, Ship Cleaning and Building Inspections

Domestic or Commercial Use
100% Fibre Glass

  • 8 foot (2.4m) suitable for cleaning single level homes

Hybrid 50% Carbon Fibre / 50% Fibre Glass

Commercial Use – 2 storey to 5 storey
100% Standard Modulus Carbon Fibre

Professional Use – 5+ storey
100% High Modulus Carbon Poles

  • 5 storey (50 foot – 15m)
  • Tapered High Modulus Extensions available up to 81 feet
  • Manufactured with the very best handmade carbon fibre tubular sections
  • Section Material – 100% Carbon Fibre on all sections
  • Clamp Material – Dupont-Zytel® thermoplastic reinforced nylon
  • Matte Finished Sections
  • Top of pole has a No.1 size Maxxis Clamp to connect to a range of Goosenecks and Threaded Ends
  • Designed to be used with our PureWash 8.0mmX5.5mm Hose which can be fed through the interior of the pole or run on the pole exterior.
  • Pole diameters are made remarkably narrow. The pole sits comfortably in the hand so your arms, shoulders and neck remain relaxed for maximum continuous work output, minimising repetitive strain injuries
  • All Maxxis Poles have a size 1 top clamp designed to fit most goosenecks & threaded ends