Hygiene Direct have carefully selected their supply partners, based not only on superior product quality and consistency, but on their overall environmental sustainability practices in day to day operations and end products. Being a New Zealand-owned business, Hygiene Direct strive to support 100% New Zealand owned and operated supply businesses.

20 years and counting

Hygiene Direct are one of Pacific Hygiene’s largest South Island distributors for their tissue and washroom products, with a well-established business relationship spanning 20 years.

Pacific Hygiene Ltd is a manufacturer and importer of a range of hygiene consumables into the Australasian market. Pacific Hygiene is the second largest supplier of commercial hygiene tissue products in New Zealand, importing over 500 containers per annum.

Pacific Hygiene is 100% New Zealand owned and has been trading since 1992. With our Managing Director and senior staff having in excess of 80 year’s experience in this nature of business, we intimately understand the market conditions and economical drivers within the Australasian market place, and in partnership protect the interests of our customers.


Environmentally Sensible Cleaning Products

Hygiene Direct have been working with EcleaNZ Ltd since 2012 – owner Geoff manufactures unique, high-performing, environmentally sensible cleaning products using the latest Canadian ‘Clean Health Technology’, right here in Christchurch.

Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners and degreasers that provide superior cleaning efficiency while having zero volatile organic compounds, zero acids and zero butoxyethanol.

These products are manufactured in Christchurch by EcleaNZ Ltd, under license from Teamwork Distributing located in Alberta, Canada. Teamwork Distributing are suppliers of cleaning products to the Oil industry in Canada. F4environmental and Teamwork Distributing manufacture and use products developed by the owner of both companies, Marlin Rudolph to clean up hydrocarbon contaminated soils. The product range consists of safe, non-hazardous, industrial, commercial and bio-remediation cleaning products.

Recent advances in chemistry have developed for our industry a range of high performance, economical and non-hazardous surfactants (the “engine” of a cleaning product) that do not contain traditional dangerous, and often eco toxic chemicals.

The patent holders of these products focused early research and development activities into the formulation of high performance and cost effective industrial degreasers and cleaning products that respect the health and safety of the user and the environment.

These products do not contain traditional common so-called “green” ingredients such as citrus, ethanol or de limonene, they in fact contain a whole range of new technology ingredients invented in Canada and America.

The base surfactant for almost all the products in the current range is in the two flagship products (one of these is Opti-Clean – a neutral, multi purpose cleaner) that have passed the “96 hour static trout test”. This test requires that trout fingerlings survive for 96 hours in a dilute solution of the product to test its environmental impact – if it does not pass this testing procedure – the product cannot be claimed to be ‘environmentally friendly or sensible’.

The Vacuum Specialists

Hygiene Direct have been working with Filta Cleaning Products for 3 years. Filta are 100% New Zealand owned and operated and are the leading importers in Vacuum Products. They specialise and carry an extensive range of vacuum bags, spare parts, accessories and motors for all major brands.

Along with their vacuum range, Filta are expanding into a range of cleaning products including microfibre wringer mops, flat mops, cloths, handles, dust mops, safety signs, floor squeegees, dusters, mop and window buckets.

Floors Pads & Matting

Glomesh NZ Ltd provides specialist accessories for the commercial and industrial cleaning sectors. It has a wide selection of products, all of which are imported and/or manufactured in New Zealand. These include a number of well-known and high quality brands that have been developed over the years: Glomesh Floor Maintenance Pads, Gala accessories and Scentaire airfreshener systems.

Glomesh NZ Ltd also has a partnership with – Mat World – to provide the New Zealand market with a comprehensive range of mats and matting solutions (both supply and install). There is a wide range of matting uses, both commercial and industrial

Carbon Neutral

Hygiene Direct have been working with Uni-pak for 2 years.

Uni-Pak is a Carbon Neutral certified importer and wholesaler of disposable, recyclable and biodegradable consumerware and personal hygiene products.

Supplying great value food wraps, drinkware, food containers, tableware, bags, gloves, clothing and janitorial consumables to retailers throughout New Zealand.

World-Leading Microfibre Solutions

Hygiene Direct have partnered with Rubbermaid Commercial products.

Rubbermaid Commercial is a world-renowned manufacturer of commercial microfibre systems for Healthcare, Hospitality, Office, Commercial Cleaning, Supermarket, Factory and Schools.



Odour Eliminating Solutions that work!

Vm3 Purifier is a range of unique odour control products which

  • Eliminate odours (we do not just mask odours)
  • Absorbs moisture from the air
  • Absorbs fluids
  • Reduces odours associated with chemical usage

All while being 98% biodegradable. This is achieved without the use of chemicals or electricity.

The applications for Vm3 are endless and our customers have successfully eliminated odours that would normally be deemed too difficult to eradicate.

Inventors of the only Freely Pivoting Squeegees

Wagtail Cleaning Tools are innovative pivoting tools that have completely revolutionized the way we approach cleaning! Experience a simpler, faster and more enjoyable way of doing everyday tasks.

Wagtail Pivotal Cleaning Tools were invented by Willie ‘Wagtail’ Erken in Sydney, Australia in 1993.

Before Wagtail, Willie Erken was the owner of ZAP, a successful window cleaning company, for many years. Like the vast majority of window cleaners, Willie and his employees had developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from using tools that were heavy and cumbersome. Users were forced to manipulate their arms in unforgiving, unnatural ways, and it made work time consuming and difficult.

The idea of building tools based around the pivot system was born and with it, the Wagtail Cleaning Tools company. This was the pivotal moment that redefined the cleaning industry and changed how the world cleans forever. The name “Wagtail” was chosen after the inventor’s name, “Willie” and the resemblance of the pivoting action of the Willie Wagtail bird’s tail.  This fitted perfectly as the Willie Wagtail bird is the larrikin of the Australian Bush; he’s cheeky and not afraid to take on bigger birds (competitors) and relies on his agility and quickness.

Today, Wagtail has produced big results. With an entire range of tools that will clean windows, walls, floors and more, our products have become wildly popular across the globe. Starting with a simple idea to make window cleaning less cumbersome, Willie changed the entire cleaning profession.

Completely Natural Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

Hygiene Direct has been working with Zeosoft for 5 years. Zeosoft developed a range of unique, natural cleansers that contain an active mineral called Soft Zeolite. Soft Zeolite is found in the Geothermals of Rotorua and contain unique cleansing and detoxifying properties especially beneficially for the skin. Combined with essential oils and natural ingredients, Zeosoft has produced a hand cleaner like no other.



Download our Zeosoft Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners Brochure


Hygiene Direct have recently secured a distributorship for Bio-Zyme Organic Certified Enzyme-based Cleaners and Degreasers. Manufactured in Christchurch by Aakland Chemicals

Bio-Zyme is a non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, deodorising agent, which augments biological action. Bio-Zyme works to eliminate odours by changing the molecular structure of the host environment, digests contaminants and speeds up the natural biodegrading process.

It includes natural enzymes that break down oils and greases in holding ponds, septic tanks, grease traps, toilets, drains etc., making it easier for nature’s bacteria to consume any organic waste matter and odours.

Bio-Zyme is an organic multiple enzyme biocatalytic agent that emulsifies and digests grease deposits and other contaminants in industrial wastes. It is a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes, polysaccharides, electrolytes and chelated metals, and is at the forefront of modern biotechnology. Bio-Zyme is a high performance, non-toxic, non-allergenic and biodegradable multiple enzyme degreaser, and odour controller.

Organically certified by BioGro New Zealand.

Available in 3 formulations:

  • Cleaner – for everyday use to clean bathrooms, toilets, floors and counter tops in all industries (excluding food)
  • Multi Purpose – NZFSA 38 approved for Food Service and Processing premises including commercial kitchens, cafes, bars, bakeries and restaurants. Food Processing industries including butcheries, freezing works, pet food manufacturers and abbatoirs
  • Industrial – suitable for industrial and commercial applications such as grease traps, grease converters, big dippers, water treatment systems and septic tanks. Bio-Zyme industrial is also suitable for cleaning industrial equipment that may have been used in man-holes. Suitable for rental property or flood restoration clean ups and more.

100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Kiwi Tissue Group NZ was established in 2012 and has been working with Hygiene Direct for 2 years delivering quality and competitively priced tissue products and dispensing systems.

“The only way for us to grow is for us to help our customers grow” – Kiwi Tissue

Kiwi Tissue concentrate on supporting its customers with sound advice gained from years of experience growing a distribution company and importing the right products so that we quite literally “have the tissue for your issue”.

Soluble Cleaning Concentrate Solutions

Yaw Hygiene was established in 2013 to bring a revolutionary range of products from Europe to the NZ market.

Managing Director Bryan Hamill has been involved in the industry for over 30 years and immediately saw the features & benefits of water soluble sachets & tablets in an industry that has been dominated for decades with liquid cleaning products.

Why buy bulky, cumbersome 5 & 20L liquid cleaning products when you can now use water soluble cleaning sachets & tablets. Add water at the point of use – NOT the point of manufacture.

5 Reasons to Change

  1. Cost Effective – Ensures cost-of-clean management. Enhanced and consistent results via controlled dosing – negates smears, smudges and sticky surfaces by eliminating staff over-use of conventional products.
  2. Convenient – Easy to use. No messy dispensing systems. Simplifies staff training.
  3. Storage – Reduces storage by up to 70% when space is often at a premium. Less space on housekeeping trolleys or janitors carts.
  4. Safety – Eliminates heavy lifting of containers, dangerous mixing and decanting, reduces spill risks and injury.
  5. Environment – All products biodegradable, 70-80% reduction in container waste. reduced rubbish costs.

We’re proud of our products and our passion for best practice cleaning solutions that improve both costs and safety in your workplace environment.

For more than 80 years Wells has supplied the highest quality products to the food processing, manufacturing, healthcare and dairy industries.

From our humble beginnings as a family business, we have now become the market leading supplier of hygiene and food safety products in Australia and New Zealand.

Wells are the exclusive importers of the Vikan Hygiene System® and associated cleaning and food handling tools, a name synonymous with colour coding cleaning equipment.

We also supply many other products which are manufactured by Vikan subsidiaries, including Nito washdown products and Vikan ErgoClean® microfibre cleaning products.

In more recent years, our range has expanded to include our Metal DETECTAble Products® range, which helps our customers manage the risk of foreign object contamination in the food processing and manufacturing environment.

With a focus on GMP and continuous improvement, Wells can also assist companies large and small with their 5S program with an extensive array of custom signage and storage systems.

When you choose Wells, you’re buying more than hygiene and food safety products, you’re investing in the most effective risk management program.

To us it’s more than just products, it’s about helping you achieve best practice in your workplace.